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950 years of Sibenik

May 16th, 2016


Sibenik is celebrating a jubilee in 2016 – 950 years of the first mention of the city! 2016 will be marked by this great anniversary.

Did you know that Sibenik is the first town on the Adriatic founded by the Croats? Everything started at st. Michael’s  fortress on Christmas day in 1066 when Sibenik was founded by King Petar Kresimir IV, by whom Šibenik is still known as Kresimir’s town.

Sibenik is now almost a thousand years old, yet in many ways during its history, it was special and first. Sibenik is the first town in the world that got public electric lighting in 1895. The hydroelectric power plant at Krka waterfalls in the very center of the National Park Krka near Sibenik is one of the oldest power-generating facilities in the world boasted as the first in Europe in 1895, only two days after the first one in the world at  Niagara Falls. Sibenik,in the 15th century at a time when Venice ruled Dalmatia, was the first city that had its own money, known as Sibenik bagatin.

Big celebration of the city’s jubilee was announced on Christmas Eve 2015, by setting a clock in Robert Visiani’s Park that displays the events and people that have marked the past 950 years of Sibenik like Juraj Dalmatinac, Nikola Firentinac, Faust Vrančić and other greats who have left their mark in the history of Sibenik.

People of Sibenik proud of their history want a spectacular celebration of their city’s anniversary. Citizens and visitors will have the chance to enjoy many events in Sibenik. The highlight of the celebration is expected on the stage of st. Michael’s fortress on July 25th, 2016.

950 years of Sibenik program will be truly diverse. The exhibition displaying the key moments of the past will be set up in Sibenik during the summer, after that, it will tour all major Croatian cities. A multidisciplinary scientific conference open to all interested will take place in October. During Christmas time at the actual anniversary of the city, a solemn academy will be held  in the Croatian National Theatre with a number of senior officials as guests, as well as a series of lectures on important current city issues.

Logo of the anniversary on the building facades will remind citizens of Sibenik on the 950th birthday of the city. It’s a stylish old Latin inscription from the grant of the Croatian King Petar Kresimir IV. in which Sibenik is first mentioned at Christmas 1066. Souvenirs with the logo are a lasting reminder of the celebration which makes all citizens of Sibenik proud and visitors amazed.

2016 is the year of Sibenik. The big celebration will involve all who want to contribute to this important anniversary  such cultural institutions, schools, associations and many others. According to the words of the President of the Preparatory Committee for the celebration of the 950th anniversary of the first mention of Sibenik, Ivica Poljicak: “We are all 950. We are all Sibenik and we are called to, in the next year, mark this great jubilee that makes a difference.. ”

We invite you to come to Sibenik and celebrate 950 years of the city. Be a part of the 950 years of Sibenik!