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Benefits of being beside the sea are tremendous. Sea restores life energy and relieves from everyday stress. The sea air helps to relax. Revitalize your body and mind by the sea with the sound of waves.

Summer vacation by the sea is ideal for sports activities that do wonders not only for body shaping and entertainment, but also for health. Enjoy the beaches in Solaris with a variety of recreational activities such as swimming, diving, surfing or volleyball on the beach. We recommend popular aquagym with our animators. Dive into the water and enjoy the sea sports activities.

The sea is full of minerals that penetrate deep into the skin and are a source of health and beauty. Each liter of sea water contains 35 g of mineral salts. Sea salt is rich in elements like magnesium, iodine, iron, fluorine and silica. Thanks to these minerals sea water stimulates the metabolism, strengthens the immune system and improves the look of the skin.

Sea air stimulates deep breathing and a view of the big blue is so relaxing. Walk along the sea coast creates good mood. Renew your energy on the beach.

Warm baths with sea water relax tense muscles. Enjoy healing baths and rituals in our Wellness& Spa Center. They make skin bright and velvety.

Swimming pools in Solaris Wellness & Spa have underwater effects and whirlpools that will entertain and relax the entire body. Two of the total of  six indoor swimming pools are with sea water.

Enjoy the benefits of being beside the sea, its positive effect on the body and soul. Feel good by the sea and find it as a natural source of energy and beauty.