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Dalmatia and the Adriatic sea

How the sea shaped the Dalmatian way of life

Traditional culture relying on sea and land The Dalmatian lifestyle is interconnected to the Adriatic sea since ancient times. A way of life arising out of pure necessity. Utilising the natural resources of land and sea, activities such as sea travel, trade, fishing, boatbuilding and agriculture evolved. Small-scale fishing in the Adriatic Sea is a Dalmatian […]

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The beach makes us happy

Why does the beach make us happy?

The beach is good for you. There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to make you feel happy. Even the memory of enjoying the beach makes us feel happy. We hold on to that feeling, because it motivates for us to experience it again. So… why does it make us feel good?   Summer […]

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Games on the beach

Everyone loves swimming, sunbathing and the sea, but lying on the beach is not for you? We have a few suggestions in that case. Team up and play games on the beach, time will fly by in good company. Badminton All you need to enjoy this recreation are 2 lightweight badminton racquets and shuttlecocks. It’s […]

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Enjoy the benefits of being beside the sea

Benefits of being beside the sea are tremendous. Sea restores life energy and relieves from everyday stress. The sea air helps to relax. Revitalize your body and mind by the sea with the sound of waves. Summer vacation by the sea is ideal for sports activities that do wonders not only for body shaping and entertainment, […]

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5 steps to get skin ready for the summer

The summer is almost here. It’s time to get your skin ready for the sun. Give your skin what it needs so it meets high temperatures soft and smooth. Follow these 5 easy steps and  get to summer-ready skin.   Healthy diet Healthy diet is the first step of skin preparation for sun exposure. Eat […]

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