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Our daily bread!

December 1st, 2014


Although bread has been a staple of any diet in the world since ancient times, at Solaris bread has the status of a delicacy. It is made by following a 150-year-old recipe and the entire process can be watched live. But the real feast can begin only if you serve certain chosen dishes with our bread.

Bread is deeply enrooted in our tradition. We have been making it and consuming it since ancient times, and in modern times it has become both a delicacy and a luxury. Today, there is a remarkably varied choice when it comes to bread, but one thing remains true: homemade bread is a whole different story!
And that is also true at Solaris. Dalmatian bread is a special dish that simply has to be sampled. It is made by a father-son team, Jozo and Robert, following a recipe that is one hundred and fifty years old. Jozo and

Robert come from a family of bakers and have been part of the ethno-village at Solaris for years.
This year we have given even more attention and love to bread by opening a new bakery. It is located in the middle of our Dalmatian ethno-village because having our guests’ tables full of freshly-made, warm bread is our highest priority. The bread-making begins at the mill, where we also sieve the flour right after it is made. It is then packed into sacks and sent to our bakery where it is kneaded into bread and then baked in an authentic stone oven. Homemade bread is so popular we have no need to store it! Of course, our guests can witness the entire process of preparation and baking live. It is no wonder our bread is simply irresistible!