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Wellness & Spa Mediterranean


December 15th, 2014


The new fitness gym is equipped with the modern gadgetry. There is a possibility for individual training.Staying in shape is important even during the holidays. If you have a need and desire for training newly renovated fitness gym with  modern equipment is the right place for you. Here you can perform a variety of exercises tailored to your level of fitness and strength. I will accelerate your metabolism, improve fitness and you will feel relieved. Whether you want to improve health, lose weight, shape your body or simply enjoy the physical activity come spend amusing moments exercising with us.

Training is a great way to stay in good physical shape. Find the activities that you can enjoy. Time will fly with cardio training, exercise with weights or on a treadmill. If you want an even better feeling we provide you with the possibility of individual training with an instructor. The expert will guide you through the selection of exercises designed just for you. The combination of exercise and a positive attitude will get you the proper results.

Fitness gym which offers sea view is really special. The right choice for you if you want to effectively train or simply warm up. It’s where you want to be if you want to achieve better immunity and health or weight control. It is certain that you will improve your mood and sleep will be of better quality. Combine exercise to improve results.

Exercise reduces stress, improves self-esteem and overall health. It burns calories and increases stamina and flexibility. Body shaping will give you a better sense of freshness and  make you happier. It will contribute to your personal development and success. The fitness gym should become your favorite daily stop in Solaris Beach Resort.