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Games on the beach

September 5th, 2015


Everyone loves swimming, sunbathing and the sea, but lying on the beach is not for you? We have a few suggestions in that case. Team up and play games on the beach, time will fly by in good company.


All you need to enjoy this recreation are 2 lightweight badminton racquets and shuttlecocks. It’s fun for everyone, and time passes by in the blink of an eye.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is played mostly on the sand and it’s very popular among the young. Split into two teams and play barefoot. Friends can cheer.


Picigin (pronounced “pih-tsih-gheen”) is an original game that was first played in Split more than a 100 years ago. The rules are simple: several players pass the ball to one another while standing in shallow sea taking care that it doesn’t  fall. There’s no winner, just a lot of fun.


Kiteflying  is  great family fun on a windy day. Cut hard paper  into diamond shape, paint it the way you like it with kids,tie the rope and let it fly. Remember that the rope has to be long so that the kite flies high.

Making a sand castle

Bring buckets and shovels to make sand sculptures. Show all your creativity forming bridges and towers while turning  fantasy castles into reality. You can dig a hole in the sand, fill it up with sea water and make a small lake.


Boccia is played on terrains next to the family beach in Solaris. It is great  for all ages. We suggest that you bring lightweight plastic boccias and start playing on the beach, especially if you are with children.


Enjoy playing frisbee on a day with little or no wind. You can run and jump to catch it, but you can’t run with the frisbee in your  hands.

Collecting Shells

Take a mask and dive or find shells among the pebbles in the shallow sea.  Take them as a souvenir  or make jewelry.

Drawing on the sand

Leave your  mark on our sandy beach. Make a drawing in the sand, write your initials or leave footprints and a message that will remind you of the wonderful moments spent in Solaris. Be sure to take a picture of it.

Summerholiday means a lot of good time. We hope that these games on the beach will be a good inspiration for even more relaxation and fun. Spend your days filled with laughter and games, away from the stress of everyday life, just like it should be on vacation.