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Grandma’s seasonal kitchen

February 27th, 2015


We all remember the childhood and customs from a time when all the food was from our region or even from our own garden. We produced the food we ate by working in our fields.The groceries you’ll find during the spring in the Dalmatian village are of highest quality and among the healthiest food from our region. Experience Grandma’s seasonal kitchen in the Dalmatian Ethno village. We have created a world for you where we take care of our tradition and customs.Discover the attractive life story full of companionship and of dining together as you remember from childhood.

Village hostess does all the activities our grandmothers did. She cultivates the garden and prepares the fruits and vegetables for the winter in front of you. In Grandma’s seasonal kitchen you’ll only find seasonal vegetables from her garden. Every day she is baking homemade bread and cakes for you. In the stone surroundings of our Dalmatian village she keeps and displays so many old customs. She makes the fritters, sugar almonds, jams, sauces, dry figs and spices, pickled peppers and onions, makes stew, bakes olives and does braids of onions and garlic. Be sure to try delicacies from our natural and seasonal ingredients. Walnut and poppy cakes from grandma’s kitchen will surely sweeten your day. Grandma’s seasonal kitchen flavors and aromas bring you closer to the magic of times gone past.


The host of the village works hard with his hands like our grandfathers once did to cultivate the land in our village. In our very own mill he grinds the flour for bread. All adults gathered around the fireplace can make and taste the brandy with our grandpa. Wine tasting is inevitable in Dalmatia. Our host will prepare grapes and make wine for you. His task is also the drying of the ham, bacon and other meat delicacies. He dries the fish in the sun and then brines it. Do not miss the making of baked dishes under the lid called peka that you simply must try.


Grandma’s seasonal kitchen shows a simple way of life, warmth and gives a feeling of belonging.  It takes you back in time when the family sat down together to prepare and enjoy the family meal by the fireplace. Step away from the stress of everyday life in a world full of friendship and nature with a real Dalmatian feel. All visitors are offered to try all the products that our hosts make and are able to buy them in our Dalmatian ethno village.



We invite you to visit. Come and enjoy with all your senses.