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Summer is a time when mother nature gives us a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Light summer meals from seasonal ingredients taste  simply  irresistible. You probably have no desire to cook while on vacation.  That’s why we came up with refreshing appetizers and desserts that  we prepare for you in Solaris restaurants. We invite you to taste and enjoy delicacies pefect to keep you cool during the hot summer days.

Soparnik or Dalmatian chard filled pie is an old meal baked in the fireplace. Usually it comes spiced with olive oil and garlic. Try it in the Dalmatian village in the heart of Solaris where you can watch how our grandma prepares it by traditional recipe.

Broad bean  is a great source of fiber and potassium. Broad bean combined with ricotta cheese makes a taste sensation. Bruschetta with broad beans and ricotta cheese is a delicious  appetizer that is served at our favorite Italian restaurant Trattoria offering a sea view.

Zucchini pancake with feta cheese and cherry tomatoes dessert offers a new, refreshing taste. Enjoy this tasty treat at the Mediterraneo Steakhouse in the family part of the resort. We are sure you and your kids will love it.

Sibinium restaurant is known for meat specialties. What you need after that is a great cold dessert. Watermelon in chocolate is a perfect  and very refreshing  icy treat to help you beat the heat.

If you want to try local food while on holiday we recommend you to try spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce in all Solaris restaurants. Tasty sauce is made of homegrown tomatoes from our garden.

Light meals offer a variety of flavors that leave a strong impression. You’ll constantly crave for more of these seasonal specialties on hot summer days. Explore our culinary offer further and discover your favorite  meal and stay cool during the summer holidays .