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Sibenik is a city of great history full of modern attractions.  Impressing charm of the old town will take your breath away. While the oldest monuments date back to the 11th century, the city development reached  peak in the late Middle Ages.  Today it offers  a number of interesting places worth visiting. We invite you to start exploring by our list of 10 must-see attraction when you are in Sibenik.

St. Jacob’s  Cathedral

St. Jacob’s Cathedral is listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage. It was built in different styles during a period of  over  a 100 years from mid 15th until mid 16th century. First part was built in gothic and the final part, including the dome, in renaissance style. One of the most interesting features of the cathedral is a series of more than 70 stone heads  on the outside, that represent the citizens of Sibenik from the 15th century.


Medieval garden of the monastery of St. Lawrence

The medieval garden hidden in the courtyard of the monastery of St. Lawrence is a lush oasis where more than a hundred species of herbs and medicinal plants grow; there are  figs, pomegranate and a few cypresses. It’s structure is very simple – the garden is divided in 4 fields by cross paths, with a small fountain in the middle.


Beach Banj

Magnificent view of the old town of  Sibenik falls from the city beach that opened only a few years ago. Here, you can play volleyball or refresh in the nearby bar. The nearest sandy beach is located a few kilometers away at Solaris beach Resort. White Beach has won multiple awards for content and quality of the sea.



Visit to Aquapark is great entertainment for all generations. Cooll down from the heat in the first and only Aquapark in Dalmatia, only 5 kilometers away from the city center. Stream down the lazy river, go down the slides or stand underneath a large barrel that pours 1200l of water on visitors every few minutes! Water adventure awaits you!


Falcon center

Falcon center is situated in a quiet environment of a dense pine forest in Sibenik’s  Dubrava, only 8 km from the town center. It is a unique place where visitors can find themselves face to face with a falcon and learn a lot about life of raptors.


Sibenik’s 4fortress

Sibenik’s 4 fortresses are unavoidable attractions with a breathtaking view. The history of Sibenik begins on St. Michael’s fortress built in the 11th century. In 2014 it has been restored, now it has an open air stage where the musical and theatrical spectacles are being held. St. John’s fortress as well as the fortress Barone were very important in the defense of the city against the Turks in the late Middle Ages. Scenes for the fifth season of the immensly  popular series Game of Thrones were filmed there in  September of  2014. St. Nicholas’ fortress is an attraction that welcomes visitors at the entrance to the St. Ante canal. It has been excellently  preserved and is very interesting to all who come to Sibenik by sea


City Museum

Sibenik museum is situated in ex Prince’s palace near the cathedral. The history of Sibenik and Croatia is displayed  with a lot of multimedia content. The Museum is divided into archeological, cultural and historical section  with a recent history department. The permanent exhibition counts approximately 150,000 exhibits.


Dalmatian Ethno Village

Visit the place where old traditions live on. Dalmatian Ethno Village in Solaris takes you back in time. Walk through the narrow cobbled streets of the village and find out how to weave fabric, make olive oil or brandy in a traditional way. Masters of the craft dresses in costumes who work in small houses and workshops will show you this and much more. Traditional stone houses and old mills create a very special ambience. Take a tour a enjoy  the pleasant atmosphere. We highly recommend you to observe how we make delicious dishes under the baking lid – be sure to try it while you’re there.


4 wells

4 wells are located on the square near  St. Jacob’s cathedral.  Juraj Dalmatinac, Croatian master builder  is credited for their construction, as well as for the first phase of the cathedral. The 4 wells  were the main source of drinking water in Sibenik during the Middle Ages. Today they remain an interesting  attraction  you simply must-see.

Promenade through St. Ante’s canal

Promenade through St. Ante’s canal opened in 2013. Since, it has become a new favorite gathering place for people of Sibenik. Beautiful panoramic view of the entire town of Sibenik falls from the large part of the promenade; there are several  magnificent viewpoints too.


Šibenik counts a total of 24 churches, 4 fortresses, 4 wells and 2851 stone steps in the old city center – the most in Croatia. Picturesque bay and its location will captivate you at first sight. You’ll surely want to come back to discover its beauty and must-see attractions many times more.