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Organically grown fruits and vegetables, homemade olive oil, our own fish farm, highest quality meat and heavenly wines this part of Dalmatia is famous for are a testament to the attention and effort that goes into the gastronomical and oenological pleasure for guests at Solaris.

Every guest at the Solaris Beach Resort knows that during their vacation the best Dalmatian delicacies are at their disposal: the healthy, organic fruits and vegetables are grown at the eco garden situated in the Resort itself, as well as fish and meat of the highest quality.

Every morning, the executive chef at the Dalmatian eco-village, Antonio Skorić, makes the rounds at the garden, taking fresh vegetables and herbs from it. The fact that these are freshly picked guarantees an unrepeatable gastronomical experience for everyone’s palate. Within this paradise garden, which is a source of delight to all our guests, big, juicy pomidori (tomatoes) are grown, as well as Swiss chard, garlic, onions, carrots, cabbage, salad, potatoes and a varied number of   herbs and spices which serve a threefold purpose: they enrich the flavour of a dish, their heavenly scent entices passers-by while also making the view of the garden beautiful.

Of course, every real man and woman will be thrilled when they feel the taste of the genuine local wine, made organically without any industrial additions. It comes from the nearby vineyards and is known as one of the best Croatian wines.

When it comes to fish, crabs, and other fruit de mer, we also grow our own. Our fishermen get up before dawn in order to get fresh fish that soon thereafter swims in olive oil and then in wine!

At any time, our guests can verify all these facts – we are happy to show them how we produce and make all the delicious food available at our Resort. We are delighted to show off all the effort that goes into the growing and acquiring organic and ecological ingredients! Our mill grinds grain with which we make our own delicious bread, our distillery produces our own grappa, while the olives we grow at Solaris usually disappear down our oil mill to make excellent olive oil. All of these are attractions no guest wishes to miss! After all, the freshly baked, warm bread and its lovely scent are the recognizable symbols of morning at our Resort.