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Traditional Easter breakfast is a custom many care about, especially cherished at Dalmatian Ethno Village in Solaris. This year, like many years before, on early Easter morning in the village, dear guests arrived to soak up the sun and  breathe in fresh air in old stone ambiance surrounded by lush vegetation. We served Easter breakfast with blessed food in the warm family atmosphere.

Rich table offer included painted eggs, homemade bread, cakes, and Dalmatian smoked ham and wide selection of cheese. Solaris’ chefs made traditional Easter omelet directly in front of guests. As usual at the Village, the atmosphere was warm and friendly so everyone felt comfortable. Many proposed a toast with a glass of wine, and sang with traditional vocal group Klapa in a good mood.

Family of the  Village welcomes its guests with great pleasure every year as they recognize many dear friends who visit Solaris time and again. Mr and Mrs Kos have been guests in Solaris for some time now: “We like it here, so we keep coming back for five years. Every year we find time to visit Dalmatia. We have recommended Solaris to our friends who are here with us for the first time.”

Easter holidays are ideal for a family vacation. Family Čengija Franić was having a great time: “I am here with my children, it’s beautiful, we’re having a fantastic time. I’m especially glad that at this time of the year there are no crowds. Weather is beautiful, we come in the summer as well, but now it is very nice and more peaceful.”

Mr. Galic who was in Solaris with his wife for the first the shared positive impressions with us: “We like it very much, this is the first time we’re here. The program is so full that we don’t have time to do everything we want. We do all sorts of activities, Nordic walking yesterday, today we’re here at the breakfast, and later we’re going on a boat trip.”

Mr. Bažulić is a dear and well-known guest in Solaris. Every year he and his wife are traveling with a group of longtime friends:  “We come for years now and we love to come at Easter time. This year we’re coming back once more in the summer time when new hotel Jure opens, but this is our favorite time of  the year. In the afternoon we’re going to explore the fortresses around Šibenik.”

Beautiful Easter day was full of possibilities. Many have decided to set off on a boat trip by Solaris Galley on the island of Krapanj. All who have chosen to stay on land could take their pick at what they prefered to do: participate in the animation program, enjoy recreation, walk on the beach or discover the region. We invite you to join us next year and experience the authentic traditions in a warm family atmosphere of our Dalmatian Ethno Village.