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In VINO veritas!

October 2nd, 2014


Solaris is one of the top Adriatic destinations where one can enjoy exquisite quality wine for which this part of Croatia is famous for all over the world

Wine is the traditional alcoholic beverage in Dalmatia and as such has special status, no different than whiskey in Scotland or beer in the Czech Republic! The importance of wine in Dalmatia is indisputable. Why would it then be any different at Solaris!? Each and every one of our guests, even the most knowledgeable wine aficionado, will enjoy wine at Solaris.

At our Resort, the vineyard lies right in front of hotel Ivan! This (possibly endemic!) feature surprises some of our guests, but the wine connoisseurs immediately realize what the rows of grapevines mean – a truly excellent wine card!

Our Resort features a wine bar where we offer renowned first-rate wines from all over the world, just like we offer renowned first-rate champagne at the champagne bar at hotel Ivan. A must on all the wine cards at our restaurants is the renowned Babić wine. This wine is especially loved in Šibenik and in Dalmatia, but as it does not take well to being falsified, you will often hear that the phrase “real Babić”, especially if you taste it at our place.

It is lovely to drink a glass of wine at a restaurant by the sea, but the wine aficionados go straight into the wine cellar of our Dalmatian ethno-village. The correct temperature for the coming of age of wine, dimmed lights and the wonderful aromas of prosciutto and bacon hanging from the ceiling are the expected ambience for all lovers of good food and drink. The ritual of pouring wine from a wooden barrel will touch even the hardest heart. Cheers!