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Wellness & Spa Mediterranean

Wellness swimming pools

December 16th, 2014


Wellness swimming pools are a true relaxing oasis. Indoor heated swimming pools complex is decorated in Mediterranean style, and consists of six pools. Sea water is in two swimming pools, while the other four are filled with fresh water. Water temperatures in the pools vary that you can choose the one that suits you best. It doesn’t matter what the season is or the weather outside, pools are always suitable for swimming.

We payed special attention to the atmosphere. The ambiance is enchanting – pools overlook the sea and the beach. The vegetation  surrounding our pools creates a natural feel. All Solaris Beach Resort guests can come here to relax.

We recommend you try out underwater massage, it consists of a combination of hot water and air. It has a strong therapeutic effect and stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles.

Pool area is also designed as a combination of rest, recreation and entertainment place. You can exercise water aerobics. Recreational activity on the water is great way to stretch the entire body. Therapy in water for those who like to lead quality and healthy life. Swimming pools in the Wellness Center are refreshing, but also a great manner to keep the whole body in balance.