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What to do in Šibenik?

July 8th, 2016


Sunny days are ahead and its time to do some traveling? If you are planning to visit Dalmatia, on the south of Croatia be sure to put Šibenik on your bucket list. Sibenik is a city of fascinating history, but also of many modern attractions that passengers long to see. Old streets, churches and many details of the old city center reveal a story that began in the 11th century. The modern sensation you can tell your friends about after walking around town is that you were on the set of the world famous series Game of Thrones, as many scenes from the 4th and 5th season were filmed in Sibenik. We invite you to go exploring the sights.


A wonderful way to start your day is a relaxing walk to the waterfront for your  first cup of coffee that gets you ready to discover this amazing town. We suggest that you take a stroll through the narrow streets of the old town. Sibenik has a well-preserved old town center with a total of 24 churches, surrounded by 4 fortresses. Recently renovated fortress Barone is open to visitors from January of 2016, and we recommend walking up to the fortress of st. Michael. You will experience the unique view of the city and the bay of Sibenik.


St. James’ cathedral of is a symbol of Sibenik listed on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Construction that lasted over 100 years began in the 15th century in gothic style was completed in the 16th century in the renaissance style. One of the most interesting features of the cathedral is the series of 74 relief heads: 71 are human portraits plus 3 lion heads. Although we can’t know for sure, it is believed that human portraits represent the citizens of Sibenik from the 15th century.


Find refreshment after the walk at the town beach. Until a few years ago Sibenik had no beach in the city center, and now Banj has become a place where you can enjoy the sea, walking or drinking coffee. If you are looking for themed beaches go a few miles out of town to Solaris Beach Resort where the popular and award winning sandy White beach is. This famous beach received several awards for cleanliness of the sea including the White flag. There you’ll have fun and enjoy the pleasures of the sea, beach games or relax on the loungers soaking up the sun.


 If you want to spend a day full of fun and laughter visit the Aquapark in Solaris. Water adventure is fun for everyone but simply ideal for the children because there is a specially designed kids zone with custom made shallow pools and smaller slides! If you want to start slowly start at the Lazy river where you go downstream on the floats, and for a little more excitement come under the Large barrel which pours 1000l of water on visitors every few minutes to everyone’s delight.


 Be sure to visit Dalmatian Ethno Village in Solaris, which is amazing and warm, providing real homely atmosphere. The traditionally dressed hosts will be happy to show you the secrets of old crafts in a really special atmosphere of the old mill where the centuries-old houses now live a new life. This is a great place to hang out and to dine. We recommend you try the specialty of the house: veal or octopus baked under the lid a la peka.


The national parks Krka waterfalls and the Kornati islands are the natural attractions that you must see when you are on vacation in Dalmatia. They are located very close to Sibenik. Krka is only 20 minutes drive away from Sibenik, it has 7 waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski buk – also the largest travertine waterfall in Europe. Did you know that the hydropower plant on the Krka was put into operation in 1895 as the second one in the world, only two days after the first one at Niagara Falls?


Kornati islands are known as sailors paradise. If you are staying in Dalmatia we suggest a day trip to the Kornati islands where you’ll discover the numerous islands, reefs and famous cliffs on the west side of the islands. The sea around the Kornati islands is famous for the stunning shade of blue that won’t leave you indifferent.

If you want a quick getaway to the countryside, away from city crowds visit the walking path through the St. Ante canal, which has become a new favorite gathering place for Sibenik locals. On the large part of the route, you’ll have the fantastic view on Šibenik with several great places to take good pictures. On departure from Sibenik don’t miss to stop at the Sibenik bridge. The view is impressive, and the colors are beautiful at any time of the day.

Take advantage of your time off  in the best possible way – experience the beauty of Sibenik and Dalmatia that will win you over with its unique charm. The climate is pleasant throughout the year, and now that long, warm and sunny days are ahead it is the perfect time to plan your trip.

Visit Sibenik and Dalmatia, it will surely delight you so much that you will want to come back!