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The beach makes us happy


The beach is good for you. There’s nothing like a trip to the beach to make you feel happy. Even the memory of enjoying the beach makes us feel happy. We hold on to that feeling, because it motivates for us to experience it again. So… why does it make us feel good?


Summer heat

The most obvious reason is that we associate the beach with summer and holidays. We love summer, because we like to feel warm. Summer is the time to get away from our ordinary lives and surround ourselves with happy faces, especially those we love. Being surrounded by other happy people has a positive effect on us. The sun also makes us happy – through vitamin D! Vitamin D helps activate serotonin (also referred to as the body’s ‘feel good’ chemical).

Scenery such as the stunning Kornati Islands with its natural beaches inspire us to feel good.


Beach for inspiration

The beach provides us with a purpose. Our beach visits are motivated by actions we consider as fun. Or, good for the mind and body. It allows us to be active through walking, swimming, snorkelling, sailing, diving, fishing and other activitites suited to sea and coast. Photographers, painters, artists and poets draw inspiration from the beauty, colour, and natural aspect of beach scenery and how it makes us feel. When we feel good both physically and mentally, it means we are happy!

Forget about stress and unwind at the beach.


Natural mindfulness

By removing ourselves more and more from nature through our modern lifestyles, we become overwhelmed by stress, deadlines and pressure on a daily basis. When we go to the beach, we feel the opposite effect, simply through sound, smell and touch. The simple views and sounds help calm us, and rest our minds from the over-stimulation we experience in our daily lives. It helps us to relax and mentally focus on the living moment, instead of worrying about the past or future. And when we are relaxed, we’re also happy!

A dip in the sea brings a wealth of benefits to mind and body.


It’s all about the water

It’s impossible to think about the beach without thinking of the sea. The sea is healing and healthy, it transforms us. It offers us refreshment regardless of whether we’re in it, or near it. The human relationship with water promotes creativity, empathy, perception and positive emotion. Salt in seawater is great for our skin, while the high magnesium content is also believed to calm us. That means happy!

Glorious colours of the crystal clear Adriatic sea.


Feeling ‘blue’ is a good thing

Many people feel a strong affinity with the colour blue. It’s associated with water or the sea, as it represents calm, peace, happiness, satisfaction, openness and wisdom. Our Adriatic Sea displays a special clarity and intense blue shades, that always succeeds to amaze first time visitors, and is one of the reasons people return for a holiday with us, again and again.

Don’t let the summer pass you by, look after your happiness and get yourself to the beach!